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2020 Foothill Chapter Chair and Committee Positions



Foothill Chapter Chair and Committee Positions

  • Scholarship Committee Chair

    • Scholarship Committee Member

  • Junior Fundraising/Community Outreach Chair

  • Adult Fundraising/Community Outreach Chair

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Donations Coordinator

  • Media Coordinator

  • Youth Chair/Junior Representative

  • Nominations Committee

  • Awards Chair

  • Hospitality Chair

  • Rated shows/Clinics Coordinator


Eligibility and Application Process for Chair Positions

  • Chair positions are 1 year term

    • After term has been completed, position holder may re-apply for the same position or another position. This allows other members an opportunity to fulfill a position

  • Chair positions are NOT voted on

  • Candidates interested in chair positions must email Mari at by Nov 4for more information

  • Interested members will attend a meeting to learn about the position and the Board will select/agree upon the individual.