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ABOUT the Chapter & Board Members
Foothills Chapter

We are always looking for ways to better serve our members through clinics, educational speakers at meetings, and other chapter sponsored events.  Check our calendar here.

If you would like to become a member of the Foothills Chapter of the California Dressage Society, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone and we will make sure that you get a current CDS membership application.  Or, visit either of the sites here for a membership application.

Chapter Board Members
Chapter Chair:
Mari Naten


Mari Naten grew up in the rural Mid-West having a family owned
stable. She moved to Utah and attend Utah State University, meeting her husband Ron. Mari was a ski racer and instructor at Park City West, Utah. While working as a dental assistant she galloped Thoroughbreds and Quarter horses at the race track in the early mornings. Galloping horses on the track lead to her developing a passion for competitive horses and she pursued her weekend career as a jockey, for her love for speed. The transfer of her husbands job soon led her to Littleton, CO. She sold real estate, rode race horses and continued her dental assistant job.
In 1980 Mari and Ron purchased her dream facility Normandy
Stables, a 60 horse boarding and training facility located in Littleton, CO. Mari and Ron had two children - her son, Courtney who is now a dentist in Elk Grove, CA and her daughter Jessica Naten, a Dressage Trainer in Wilton, CA. Her passion for competitive equines helped cultivate her involvement in horse shows, education and equine community. Mari was show manager and secretary of numerous horse trials, dressage shows, and hunter jumper shows. She held a Colorado Horseman's Association judging card. Developed an annual summer youth riding camp. Owner/ Manager of the Centennial Horse Trials and Chapter Chair for Mountain States Combined Training Association, while competing at preliminary level Three Day Eventing.
In 1996 Mari and Ron relocated to Wilton, CA purchasing what is now
Pacific Equestrian Center. Mari has done an unbelievable job hosting three star Dressage shows, USDF Breed Show Championship Finals, Hunter Jumper shows, as well as hosting many FEI Clinicians, the USDF Instructors Certification programs, CDS educational programs such as the Adult Amateur and Junior/ Young riders clinics, and the USDF (L) judge program. As a breeder of Warmbloods Mari has bred and raised over 100 quality sporthorses while at PEC. Mari holds her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. As one of the trainers at Pacific Equestrian Center, she currently enjoys teaching and trains a select number of quality equine prospects.
In conjunction with being an accomplished rider, trainer, and
equine facility manager, Mari is also an accomplished artist. Her love for equines and animals in general has carried over in her artistic abilities.
You can find her bronze and resin sculptures and reliefs on display in
boutique equine shops, she also offers commissioned sculptures of your personal horse or pet.
Mari is proud to be the 2018 California Dressage Society Foothills
Chapter Chair, and is looking forward to an educational and successful year ahead.

Treasurer: Cristi Cobb-West


It all started at the age of 5 years old when my grandparents bought me a Shetland pony, for my 5th birthday.  I remember when they showed up with their cab-over-camper, with the pony in the back.  A palomino pony I named Cecil and from that point on, I was hooked.  Having been raised on a Cattle Ranch “The Lazy JC” with my Dad in Calaveras County while my Mom had a ranch called “Crystal Arabians” in the Bay Area, it was clear that horses have always been in my blood.  I worked as a groom at several stables as an adolescent working with youngsters until they were ready to go into full training.  I eventually decided to pursue a career with my Engineering degree in Electronics and worked for Lockheed Martin in the Bay Area for 11 years.  During my years in engineering I rode just for pleasure, while raising my daughter who was also destined to ride.  At 5 years old, she also got her first pony and the rest was history.  After I moved to Sacramento and jumped into the Mortgage Industry in hopes to have more control over my time to spend with my family, my daughter and I began riding and competing together.  I’m still living the dream, taking my dream horse Charleston, an Oldenburg gelding (Holsteiner – sire Conquistador/Thoroughbred) through 4th level under the teaching of Colleen Reid while getting to ride with my daughter.  Every day we get to learn, love and laugh together.

Secretary: Anna Zablah


Bio coming soon...


Chapter Chairpersons

Awards/Sponsorships: Christine Hendricks
Insurance/Grants: Michele Ng

I consider myself the "accidental Board Member/Chairperson."   I was cajoled into organizing a freestyle clinic in 2003 and my efforts have morphed into organizing USDF 'L' judge education programs in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, and then an 'r' program for USEF in 2010.  Despite saying I was finished, I agreed to help the USDF 'L' program in October 2011, and to coordinate insurance and grants for Foothills Chapter activities.  I swore on a stack of Dressage Todays that the Instructor Certification Program, spanning 2012-2014 was the last program I will ever organize.  After I organized the L program part 2 in 2015, I realize resistance is futile and I’m organizing a USEF 'R' program in 2016/17 while I wait for my L graduates to apply for a USEF 'r' program. 

I enjoy learning dressage, because while it is simple, it is not easy.  In my quest for knowledge, I show, scribe, and get cajoled into organizing those educational clinics.  In my spare time I ride my gelding, William (a.k.a. Berkeley).  I enjoy trail rides on my mare, Bonfire; but those are deferred until I have more of that elusive spare time.

Rated Shows/Clinics: Mari Naten

See above.

Fundraising / Sponsorships: Colleen Reid

I established Colleen Reid Dressage LLC, also known as the Equine Sports Complex and have been at the Sacramento location since 2001.  A USDF "L Graduate with Distinction", I am also a USDF Bronze and Silver medal holder.  I operate a full service boarding/training/teaching facility, managing 35 head of horses, in addition to a full schedule of teaching, training, and showing.  My students have won Championships, locally, regionally and nationally. I am trained in the classical Dressage tradition through FEI, combined with the training and knowledge of modern Biomechanics.  With experience in management of riding and breeding stock, and more than 15 years experience on a top breeding and show farm. This combination of experience gives me the daily hands-on knowledge of horses and horsemanship that keeps the horses and riders under tutelage advancing through the ranks, sound and content.

Hospitality Coordinator: Kathy Cain

Jr/YR Fundraising Coordinator:

Debbie Doss

In 2014, my twelve year old daughter convinced our family to that she needed a lesson in Dressage. At the time I had no idea what Dressage was.  Initially, for the first many months, I avoided going to the barn. Eventually my daughter convinced me that I needed to accompany her, and from that moment on, I committed to going to the barn on a regular basis because I discovered that not only did I find being in nature incredibly relaxing, I also genuinely like horses.  My first horse experience was definitely an education, for I realized quickly that horses pick their person and not the other way around.  I had managed to purchase a horse that connected with me instead of my daughter.  Although it was challenging managing my daughter’s Dressage riding while caring for a horse that my daughter was not even able to ride, we did it.  After learning about horse management for several years I met CDS Foothills Chapter Board Members who were very helpful and empathetic regarding my situation.  I found a way to repay their kindness when I discovered the Board needed to raise funds for youth scholarships.  I also realized the importance of introducing our community to Dressage in order to gather more support for the youth engaging in this sport.  With the help of members in our community, we are working together to provide support to our Junior/Young Riders in our chapter.