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CDS Linda O’Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic - North 

There are many opportunities for professional riders to learn from the best in our industry, but not many for us adult amateurs. It is great to be able to ride with a clinician that we may not be able to afford; so CDS contracts with an elite and experienced instructor and pays for the majority of expenses including the clinician fees and offers this chance to current member adult amateurs.
Each CDS chapter will send in a nominal fee to sponsor their nominated adult amateur. The applicants have given back to their chapter in some way; such as volunteering their time and services at a show or event. Once the chapter has selected their rider, the information is sent to the organizer; who in the Northern Region is Mari Naten
To qualify for the chance to go to the AAC and represent the Foothills Chapter, our members need to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours to a Foothills sponsored event or show and submit their name to the chapter chair prior to the drawing.  The chapter contact for the AAC is Christine Hendricks, feyerisn@hotmail.com 916-337-7668.  The qualification period began April 1 2016 until the drawing is held March 31, 2017, at the awards banquet at Cabo's Restaurant.  The chapter will always be looking for demo riders/horses, general help with setting up, tearing down and helping with the meals for our upcoming events.
After our chapter rider comes back from the clinic, she/he is expected to share her/his experience with the chapter and CDS in the form of a submitted article. Also, a thank you letter to CDS is required.
The 2017 AAC is scheduled for June 9-11 and will feature one of the best in California, Hilda Gurney.  Check out the CDS flyer above.